About IDG World Expo

IDG is recognized worldwide as a leader in exhibition management, producing more than 750 globally branded conferences and events in 55 countries.

As one of the largest event production companies in the U.S., IDG World Expo delivers tradeshows for professionals and consumers seeking world-class education, relationships and access to industry-leading products and services.

Face-to-face events like those produced by IDG World Expo can provide a unique and measurable value to your company.

Our business model leverages more than 20 years of producing industry-leading exhibitions and conferences. By listening closely to our customers and audiences, IDG World Expo has recognized emerging market sectors before the early adoption phase, producing events that serve as gateways to market leadership. IDG World Expo is committed to measurable results and to continuously proving the value of our events to our customers.

IDG provides a wide-range of products and services around the country and around the globe.



Excellence means providing the best possible service to our customers, and the best possible experience to our employees. Examples of commitments to this value include: dedication in all efforts; delivering value and a strong ROI, from the smallest initiative to the largest; being customer focused; having a superior work ethic; ensuring open, honest, and frequent communication; being goals-minded; and providing employees with the training they need to excel in their fields.


Leadership means meeting the highest possible standards in setting goals for our company and our employees. Examples of commitments to this value include: fostering innovation; being growth-oriented; leading by example; and keeping a positive attitude. In addition, WEC is committed to becoming a green company and being a leader in that area.


Integrity means conducting business with clients, colleagues, and all others in the most honorable way. Examples of commitments to this value include: loyalty; honesty; fairness; accountability; and respecting diversity.


Respect means holding our business partners, colleagues, and others in the highest regard. Examples of commitments to this value include: teamwork; building community; empowering employees and providing them with an excellent work environment; and providing for an open exchange of ideas.